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Helping the Earth Heal Itself

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Water Energizer/Fuel Saver 2 Pack


Made with American made strong rare earth magnets. Durable hard plastic outside. For 1/4" to 1/2" water lines. Larger lines require 2 units.

Easily attached to refrigerator water line (comes with attachment). For best results, attach 2 units crossed on water line.  May also be applied to sink water line.

Energized water increases water hydration in plants, animals and humans, thereby increasing nutrient uptake to cells. Helps release toxins from cells. Increases oxygen uptake.

As a fuel saver and maximizer, apply 2 inches from engine on fuel line. After 2 months, expect 10-24% fuel savings.  Increased engine performance can be expected.  Decreases engine carbon build up.

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