Helping the Earth Heal Itself



Helping the Earth Heal Itself

"After retirement, I have become an avid gardener.  Not having the ideal soil in my garden, I was looking for a product that would enhance the growth of all my plots.  I also wanted an eco-friendly product.

After being introduced to Harvest Gold, it is impossible to describe the increase in not only the size of the plants, but more particularly, the fruit and vegetable harvest.

Pepper Plant Seedlings (notice in the picture to the left and to the right)  On the left it is a picture using Harvest Gold and on the right it is a picture without using Harvest Gold."

House Plants (notice the picture on the right).  Harvest Gold was sprayed on the plant on the right during winter.  The one on the left was not.  They were equal in size before spraying.

I believe that Harvest Gold is the best possible product for many reasons.  It's the most eco-friendly of all the products that I have researched.  The root systems seem to double in size, which minimizes water use and makes for a much stronger plant in general. 

The price point is impossible to beat.  Thank you Harvest Gold for enhancing my garden, and giving me lots of fabulous flowers, fruits and vegetables!!

Keith Parker

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dealing With Goss' Wilt: 
A Devastating Mid-West Corn Disease

Farm Proof

Each mark represents 24 hours after being sprayed with Harvest GoldThis test was done in mid summer.  The treated area of the farm yielded more that 3 times the untreated area by harvest time  It was also reported that ear worm and corn borer infestation was much less on the treated area than the untreated, so much so that no further insecticide was needed on the treated area for the remainder of the season.

Homeowner Garden Setting

In the Spring of 2017, I had my mother-in-law spray HarvestGold on her flowers.  When I asked her how they were doing, she explained to me that they were bright like neon and that they were almost taking over her garden.  She had never before seen her flowers that vibrant and big.  I asked her how much she used and she told me that she sprayed them once a week over the month (which was too much and that was likely her problem (LOL).  She gave some to her friend and when I asked him how HarvestGold was working for him, his words were, "everything was popping out all over the place"! 

My Wife and a Chewed Up Pepper Plant

The same year (2017) that I tested HarvestGold on the potted pepper plants, we had one plant that the dogs got to and chewed up so badly it was mangled and surely destined for the trash.  My wife took the plant instead and put it in a pot and sprayed HarvestGold on it.  To our complete amazement, that little mangled plant eventually passed all the other plants in stature and created the most beautiful yellow pepper yields that year!!! 

Cattle Rancher in Tennessee

April 2016, we had no rain in the mid state. An older retired gentleman from my church shared with our Sunday school group that he had to buy hay on the market to feed his cattle as he had no grass on his field that year.  I told him about HarvestGold and how I believed how he could not only have plenty of hay for his cattle, but have extra on hand to sell to other farmers. 

He sprayed HarvestGold on his hay fields the following March of 2017.  When I asked how things went, he jokingly complained to me that he had so much hay growing that spring (more than he ever had before), that he had become overwhelmed with too much work because of the HarvestGold and that it was all my fault!